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Vote please (many times) 
11:35am 16/12/2009
MTV.ru: Best Video 2009


“Ashtray Heart” Placebo

Голосовать means vote
Brian molko's icons 
02:08am 15/08/2009
yestoday,I maded some icons of brian,there are hilarious and nice scene.I use those icon to be emotion.
more @ my livejournal
new here 
12:47am 06/09/2007
mood: creative

hi all, I am new here, this is my first time using LJ and I just started a new community called "Placebo Fan Fiction".  I'd love it if you guys would join, because it has no members at the moment.  This community is devoted to writing fanfic stories about Placebo and posting them for others to read and comment on.  Here's the link:



11:36am 19/07/2007
  [01-03] Bjork, Majandra Delfino, My Chemical Romance
[04-06] Ugly Betty, Cruel Intentions, Firefly
[07-09] Jared Leto
[10-12] Brian Molko
[13-16] The Rules of Attraction, American Beauty
[17-23] Angel the Series
[24-31] Supernatural
[32-41] Hex
[42-57] Buffy the Vampire Slayer

57 Multifandom icons here @ defaultsettings
07:11pm 01/04/2007
  30 icons
01 - 09 Lost & Delirious
10 - 15 I'm not Okay - My chemical romance
16 - 25 David Bowie (some with Placebo)
26 - 30 Placebo
+ 2 Wallpapers & 1 header (Jeff Buckley)


More Here
11:55pm 03/02/2007
  Hi,I'm new here ^^
I've made a few icons and headers about Placebo,hope you'll enjoy!

12 icons
01 - 07 Damien Rice & Lisa Hannigan
08 - 12 Placebo
+ 7 headers


08.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 12.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

More Here
Double the Pleasure 
02:57pm 16/09/2006
  2 molko icons here

Scared of Girls
03:33pm 29/06/2006
  http://thebsh.proboards24.com/index.cgi a new site for placebo fans.. everyone should join its new.. we are trying to bring back the brick shit house fans... but we love new people there.. everyone is welcome  
01:46am 17/06/2006
  x. 36 Brian Molko (Placebo)
x. 2 Tales of Symphonia
x. 4 Fruits Basket
x. 6 Fullmetal Alchemist
x. 3 Inuyasha
x. 3 Studio Ghibli (2, techincally, ones a pair)


( See you at the bitter end... )
11:34pm 08/05/2006

hot_queers... because it's not strange that you're hot

And now, cause I'm not cheeky...


He only took me to see Placebo for my birthday. Placebo! Birthday!!

LOVE him.

And I don't want to shock anyone, but I do love him more than Placebo

10:49pm 24/02/2006

I`m glad to found this community*.*!
I`m wondering if here are some people in who go to their live at alexandra palace(?)
I`m from germany and have never been to london before, i got reserved everything already and think i won`t have big problems to find it.. but... i`m a bit afriad what to do with my package O_O' (bag).what would you advice me to do? are there any boxes in the near of the hall into which i can put it in? Or... what will YOU do^^?? close your bags away or take it with you into the live???( for myself=> it would be a stupid thing as i have my passport and stuff in it >.<)
sorry for my bad english, hope you understood everything and can help *-*:
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01:40am 21/01/2006
mood: ...=(
Hello to everybody =)
I am from Russia, Placebo is my LOVE, but I know English very... Very badly... Therefore I can not understand, that is sung after words:

You shower me with lullabies
As you're walking away
Reminds me that it's killing time
On this fateful day

See you at the bitter end (x4)

Write please... Thanks those who will comment...

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06:00pm 12/12/2005
mood: blah
hello. I'm new to the community, and i joined mostly because after school I have a lot of free time, and reading and writing on livejournal is my favorite way to spend that time. I just bought a new placebo cd, "wihout you im nothing", and .... i have to go. i will write later.
07:40pm 12/09/2005
  Hey ho--

So add me. I'm small, I'm gay, and I want Brian Molko in the most unhealthy of ways. What more could you want?
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11:40am 09/07/2005
On Auction now
01:46pm 15/05/2005
  Why is it every time I listen to Molko's voice I just want to fuck screw something hard and fast and NOW? Do you guys think Placebo's music is sexy or angsty?

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03:25pm 19/04/2005
mood: tentative
Hi everyone.

Just joined this comm cause its a little quieter than the other Cebo comms (good thing, trust me) and I love Placebo. Their music speaks to me on a deeper level than anyone else's.

And I'll stop now cause yeah...
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12:33pm 20/03/2005
  hey everyone, im Rachel. I just joined and surprise surprise im a massive placebo fan. brian molko is my absolute god. anywho i thought id just introduce myself and also post a link to my comm. (mods: if im not allowed to do that, tell me and ill take it down :P )
well yep, thats all.

01:51am 28/02/2005

09:48am 29/01/2005
  my god.
i lost my evil dildo
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