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Hi everyone.

Just joined this comm cause its a little quieter than the other Cebo comms (good thing, trust me) and I love Placebo. Their music speaks to me on a deeper level than anyone else's.

And I'll stop now cause yeah...
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Hey, yeah, you aren't kidding. (Was it odd that I almost typed 'kissing' instead?) This place IS dead. I joined recently to, so, yeah. Hi. I know what you mean about their music, they've influenced me a lot, too.

Beware the rabid fangirls, though. They tend to fixate on Molko's looks. *cough* That is, unless you *are* one.
NOt too odd considering location of 's' and 'd' keys...

hi ^^

it's not a fixation, its a way of life.
I could never be a fan girl.
Damn, you respond fast! I wonder if you pounce people in real life.

Not a fixation, huh? And why could you *never* be a fangirl?
Heh, its cause I HAVE no life. And I don't generally make a habit of it, no.

Definately not... a fixation would suggest that my eyes weren't allowed to wander to other species of yumminess, although... its hard to finder a yummier specimen than molko..

it'd be physically impossible without surgery.
Yea, well your icon suggests there are other *specimen* you fancy, such as, oh, a certain Radiohead member? Which is alright because they make good music. You seem have good taste in music, if I can go by those two bands.

So, a fan*boy* perchance?
its a world full of eye candy, I can't restrict myself in all fairness ^^

thank you. I had a gander at ur user profile, and your taste in music isn't bad AT ALL.

and yes... although FANboy is stretching it a little. and yourself?
Thank you, I'm actually quite proud of my music collection, such as my parents will allow. And yes, I could be considered a fanBOY as well. :/
your welcome. unfortunately, im restricted to recording onto tape from the radio. :S

lol, i guess it's not uncommon. one of the good things about placebo.. their music spans the gender gap.
Sorry, I went off checking my email.

their music spans the gender gap.

...and the sexuality gap, too, as I know plenty of straight AND gay people who like them, at least in passing.

True that. Well... the people I know who like Placebo are pretty much all on the net. and true, diversity in sexuality.

Maybe its cause Placebo have a little bit of nearly everything? lol
Yeah, I'd agree with that. Wasn't it Brian Molko himself who said that sexuality is fluid? I've always believed in that. Keeps me warm at night while I mourn over my straight crush at school, at least. lol


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lol... this community is so dead someone finally posted in it yay :)
how come no one posted in it for so long?
i have no idea, i think people just forgot about it maybe. i added you to my friends you seem cool. is that ok?
aww, forgot about it? *sadness*


is it okay? of course.. I seem cool??? eep! lol. Of course and for sure you can add me. I added you also.